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Water Treatment For K-12 Schools

School Water Filtration Systems For K-12

Clean filtered water is not just a luxury but a real necessity in schools from Kindergarten through 12. It encourages good hygiene habits, protects students’ health, and contributes to a positive educational environment. Investing in a school’s water filtration system shows a real commitment to student and staff well-being and safety, and it highlights environmental responsibility. Two good lessons to impart.

Clean filtered water is incredibly important in schools because it not only impacts the health of students, teachers, administrative staff, and other personnel, but it can also have a positive impact on the overall academic performance of your students.

Clean, good-tasting water can:

  • Reduce exposure to lead.  Older schools or repurposed buildings may have plumbing that contains lead. Lead in pipes can leach into the school’s water and negatively affect children’s cognitive development. Filtration and removal of contaminants is a crucial safeguard against this potential danger.
  • Protect against other contaminants.  While public city or town water systems are closely monitored, even they can be susceptible to occasional contamination. By filtering water in schools, harmful substances like lead, bacteria, microscopic heavy metals, and parasites can be removed.
  • Promote hydration.  Clean, pleasant-tasting water can encourage students and staff to drink more of it throughout the day, thus maintaining proper hydration levels. Easy access to clean water fosters healthy hydration habits that students can carry into adulthood. Dehydration, especially here in Florida, can lead to headaches, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating, hindering learning and overall health.
  • Reduce plastic waste. Clean water available at drinking fountains encourages students and staff to refill reusable bottles instead of buying bottled water. This is just one of the ways that schools can significantly decrease plastic waste and contribute to environmental sustainability.

In the long run, clean, filtered water is not only something that all schools should provide, but it is also crucial for the health and well-being of students, faculty, and staff.