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Deionization and Sterilization in Water Treatment Systems

Advanced water treatment processes that include deionization and sterilization are some of the most important processes performed when it comes to water filtration. Deionization, also known as demineralization, is a process whereby both positive and negative ions, which appear as dissolved mineral salts, are removed from water. Minerals found in tap water include magnesium, iron, copper, sodium, calcium, chloride, sulfates, carbonates, nitrates, and silica.

Not only do these dissolved minerals create “hard water,” but they are also corrosive to your fixtures, appliances, machinery, your hair, and skin. The hardness of water is defined as the amount of dissolved magnesium or calcium in your water. These minerals make it hard to rinse soapy water from your hands, body, or hair, and it leaves spots on your countertops, glasses, and other surface areas.

When a deionization process is utilized, your water is pushed through a filtering tank or cartridge filter that contains positive and negative resin beads. These beads attract the ions and remove them from the water, allowing clean water to run through the beads, while the ions or dissolved minerals get left behind.

Deionized water is used in labs for running tests that require precise chemical reactions, medical facilities, food processing plants, the manufacturing of pharmaceutical and electronics, cosmetics, aquariums, and even to produce beer. Many factories and manufacturing plants also use deionized water to lubricate and cool down machinery and to avoid the buildup of minerals—especially salt—that shortens the lifespan of machines and can clog pipes.


Water Treatment Systems Done Right

At Ideal Water Solutions, our water treatment processes team has the experience, expertise, and unique knowledge required to analyze, repair, replace, or install a brand-new water treatment system to meet your company’s needs. We can show you the benefits of deionization, how it can reduce the cost of maintaining your machinery and equipment, and how it prolongs your machine and testing equipment lifespan, reducing your overall costs.

In cars, deionized water can be used to top off your engine’s radiator or lead-acid battery. Because the minerals have been removed, this can lengthen the lifespan of your car coolant system, its hoses, and the battery by removing sediment and scale causing minerals.

In homes, it can be used to clean windows and appliances without leaving any streaks or spots behind. It can be utilized in washing machines, coffee pots, dishwashers, and it can fill up your dehumidifier, without causing any mineral buildup and scaling in all of these appliances.

In hospital, clinics, and laboratories, deionized water is used as a reagent, which is defined as “any substance or compound that has been added to a system to trigger a chemical reaction.” That includes deionized water. We can also show you how deionization can help give you perfect lab test results, create more viable lab experiments, and provide bonified chemical reactions, by eliminating impurities and other unwanted particles from the water.

It is the purest form of clean water for both home, industrial, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing use.

Can Deionized Water be Used as Drinking Water?

While deionized water is great for irrigation systems, machinery, farm equipment, pharmaceuticals, and chemical experiments in labs, it isn’t the best option for drinking water. Yes, it’s safe to drink, but because it lacks magnesium, calcium, and iron—minerals that are good for you—and it can also lower the level of electrolytes in your body. Unless you have a well-rounded, vitamin and mineral enriched diet, it can cause a dangerous mineral deficiency or imbalance in your body.

Minerals are essential nutrients for all the living cells in the human body. Defined as all the “inorganic elements or molecules required for life”, minerals assist in body functions such as producing energy, growing, and healing. Minerals are required for healthy blood, fluid balance, and bone development, maintaining a healthy nervous system, and regulating muscles, including your heart muscles. A low mineral deficiency can impair bodily functions dependent on those minerals to function properly.

Electrolytes are the minerals of sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, and calcium. They need to be in balance to maintain healthy blood flow, a strong heart rhythm, muscle function, and other important bodily functions. By drinking deionized water, you are at risk for dehydration, extreme fatigue, muscle cramps, confusion, diarrhea or vomiting, and numbness or tingling of your extremities.

And Deionized water tastes bad too.

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But What About Sterilization?

The word “sterile” means that any viruses, viable bacteria, parasites, or other types of microorganisms or biological impurities are no longer present in the water.

“Sterilization” is the process of removing, killing, or inactivating contaminants and microorganisms from your water by using UV radiation, chemicals, or heat.

“Sterile water” is purified, distilled water with no preservatives or additives, and no microbial growth.

So, now that we have the definitions out of the way, let’s discuss what sterile water is used for.

A majority of medical professionals, including both nurses and patients have either seen or used sterile water in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, or at home for medical use.

Sterile water is used for irrigation of wounds or scratches, open wounds, or, when mixed with other medicines, such as intravenous or intramuscular injections. It’s also used in dialysis and of course, in cleaning surgical and exam equipment.

And by using the best water treatment processes to extract impurities from your water, whether it is drinking water, irrigation water on farms or in greenhouses, water for animals and livestock, to conduct chemical tests, or to run machinery, we understand that pure water is essential in our everyday lives.

Because Ideal Water Solutions partners with several major high-quality water equipment manufacturers across the U.S., we are able and qualified to service any of your existing equipment or replace it when necessary. And we can provide fast and reliable service at the most cost-effective prices.

From deionization to sterilization, from filtration to reverse osmosis, from central sterile water systems to water softening, Ideal Water Solutions is here to provide our customers with perfectly pure water. Give us a call today and let us help you get high-quality, clean water one drop at a time.