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Nursing Homes

Forty-two percent of the U.S. population is aged 75 years and older.  Of those, over 13 million live in nursing homes. This age group is at a much higher risk of suffering from weakened immune systems, chronic illnesses, and dehydration.  Water that contains bacteria or other impurities only exacerbates these conditions because the elderly are less able to fight off diseases. So, in nursing homes, pure unadulterated water is a must.

Ideal Water Solutions is a company that is uniquely qualified to improve the quality of water within our Florida nursing homes. Through special water treatment processes, filtration, sterilization, and other comprehensive services, we ensure the delivery of pure, clean water to drink, to bath in, to clean wounds, and to cook and clean up with.  By employing the latest filtration technologies available today, we ensure all our customers have access to the uncontaminated water Mother Nature intended it to be.