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The Significance of Water in Bakeries

You stop at your local bakery and grab a cup of coffee and a croissant, or a donut, or a Danish.  You feel a tiny bit guilty, but heck, you deserve a morning treat to start your day off, right?  But what if the water used to create these pastries isn’t pure and clean?  What if it contains minute impurities, or too much chlorine, or just tastes bad.   

At Ideal Water Solutions we understand your morning cravings because we have them too.  That’s only one of the many reasons we strive to make sure that every home, every school, every restaurant, every industrial plant, every bakery has access to clean, pure filtered water. 

Water is an essential ingredient in the creation of dough and other baked goods and products.  It is a basic component of all living matter and in baking, it helps with the hydration of gluten and starch molecules.  It is used as a solvent for salt, sugar, baking powder, and other raw materials. It is used for dough preparation, starter cultures, preparation of liquid yeast, and for heat engineering purposes, such as steam production or equipment and utensil sterilization. And it is used for the cleaning of raw materials, equipment, kitchen food prep areas and counter surfaces.

Because tap water is used most often in bakeries, the quality of the water has a direct effect on the quality of the dough and the taste, texture, and other characteristics of your final bakery products.  Pure, clean water is not only important, it is also necessary. 

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Why Water Filtration Is Essential In Bakeries

Bakeries are held to high standards when it comes to cleanliness in their kitchens.  Bakers must be wary of cross-contamination that could lead to allergic reactions or foodborne illnesses in their patrons.   

Also, retail and wholesale bakeries are periodically inspected by the Florida Agricultural and Consumer Services department as part of the on-going food safety system. Their job is to minimize the risk of foodborne illnesses in food products created and sold in the state. 

Equipment, measuring cups and spoons, food preparation areas, cutting boards, knives and other utensils must also be cleaned thoroughly with uncontaminated water.  Hands must be washed, and all surfaces must be sanitized.  All of this takes water that is free from impurities, minute particulates, and bacteria. 

So, where do you start?  At Ideal Water Solutions, we believe that proper water quality is the foundation of your unique baked goods recipes.  Just as you use different ingredients to define the structure, texture, and taste of your goods, the purity of your water can affect the final product as well.   

And, using high-quality water, free from contaminants, can not only dramatically improve the taste of your baked goods, but it can also increase the lifespan of the equipment you are using in your kitchen. 

Why Trust Us For Your Bakeries's Water Filtration Needs?

Our Ideal Water Solutions filtration system removes minute impurities that can be the cause of illnesses to employees who are exposed to it, shorten the lifespan of manufacturing equipment, sterilization systems, and even the pipes that deliver the water to your plant. That’s why filtered water is so important in an industrial setting.

The commercial, industrial, agricultural, and manufacturing sectors of our economy all need clean water for development and production of top-quality goods and services, sale and delivery of your products and services, and the safe operation and maintenance of the machinery and equipment that produces them.

For nearly 40 years, Ideal Water Solutions has provided the very best, state-of-the-art industrial water treatment systems to industrial and manufacturing plants. We’ve offered our clients water softening treatments, filtration, reverse osmosis, deionization, and sterilization to improve the water supplied for use in your manufacturing processes. And our expert team has succeeded in bringing the quality of industrial water up to better than EPA regulated standards here in Florida.

Because we have access to the latest technology from the major water filtration system manufacturers in the U.S., we can offer our clients a comprehensive suite of industrial manufacturing water treatment services. Our team can provide you with services ranging from the disinfection of a company ice machine or drinking fountain, to removing rust and sediment from water pipes, to installing a complete central water filtration system.

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How Can We Help Bakers With Water Treatment?

Bakers rely on a wide array of machines to prepare their goods efficiently.  Mixers, dough shelters, bread slicers, mixing bowls, blenders, and other pieces of equipment must be up and running smoothly in order to continue to conduct business.   

Tap water that contains different kinds of impurities can eventually clog machinery, create scale or rust which can then break off into tiny pieces and contaminate your baked goods, or it might contain bacteria or mold that could produce unsanitary conditions. Filtered, pure tap water can eliminate these eventualities and keep your equipment running smoothly. 

All tap water is sourced from groundwater.  Groundwater is fresh water—usually from rainwater here in Florida–that soaks into the soil and is stored in saturated zones, or aquifers, between rocks and particles of soil beneath the surface.  Some examples of sources of groundwater are these aquifers, or artesian wells, man-made wells, and springs. 

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The upper surface of the saturated zone is called the water table.  Unfortunately, in Florida, our water table is high.  That means that some chemicals and bacteria have been able to seep into our groundwater as it runs through the high-water table.  These impurities can come from leaking oil or gas storage tanks, pesticide or fertilizer applications, landfills, improper disposal of toxic wastes, or just plain ignorance or disregard for our water resources. 

As groundwater flows through the water table into the rocks and soil below, it picks up particles of metals, such as manganese, lead, and iron.  It may also be exposed to fertilizer run off, industrial discharges, chemicals, and agricultural waste, which all negatively affecting its quality.  Aquifer rocks and sediment can also release naturally occurring contaminants, such as arsenic, selenium, or radium into the groundwater.  None of these should be in your water!  And they do not have to be. 

At Ideal Water Solutions in Tampa, Florida, our experienced team of water treatment professionals have investigated, diagnosed, and then installed custom water filtration systems in kitchens and bakeries throughout the Central and Gulf Coast regions of Florida since 1987.  That’s almost 40 years of expertise in clean water production.

Whether you need only to soften your hard water or you need a complete water filtration system in your bakery, we can create a customized solution that works for you.  Our state-of-the-art water filtration systems remove hard water minerals, metal particles, bacteria, and other contaminants or impurities that have a direct impact on the quality, taste, consistency, and texture of your baked goods.   

Because we partner with various water filtration equipment manufacturers across the country, we can select just the right filtration system to custom fit your bakery’s needs.  Whether it’s straight forward filtration, reverse osmosis, deionization, sterilization, or other all-inclusive water treatment methods, we can offer you a suite of services that will provide your bakery with good, clean water that meets or is better than EPA regulated standards here in Florida.  And we’ll guarantee a cost-effective price and a timely installation so that you can get back to baking as quickly as possible. 

At Ideal Water Solutions, we provide perfectly pure water to our customers in Central and Gulf Coast Florida.  Give us a call today and let us help you get high-quality, clean water one drop at a time.