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Importance of Water Treatment in FL Agriculture, Farming, and Greenhouses

Poor water quality used to irrigate crops can affect the quality and nutritional value of the food being grown and lead to serious illnesses for the people that consume it. Unfiltered water may contain germs, contaminants, metal particles, and other impurities that cause disease. Irrigating crops with contaminated water almost always leads to contaminated food products.

Filtered, clean water allows farmers the opportunity to have a bit more control over the growing conditions of their crops. It helps prevent disease, improves the efficacy of the food, and increases crop yield.

Water is both a positive and a negative component of agriculture and farming. Too much water, too many contaminants and impurities, and it can lead to diseased crops, root rot, and poor yields. Not enough clean irrigation water or rainfall, and the soil isn’t wet enough to encourage growth of crops.

Water Treatment Systems Done Right

Water Treatment for Agricultural Farms

Then of course, there’s runoff. When contaminated water is used to water crops, the resulting runoff carries soil particles filled with sediment, fertilizer, and other impurities into nearby lakes, streams, or waterways. The sediment then clouds the water which reduces the amount of sunlight able to reach submerged plants and grasses within the water, so they cannot grow and flourish.

If plants and grasses cannot grow, there is less food and oxygen produced, so that fish and other aquatic animals cannot survive. Excess runoff containing nutrients from fertilizer or manure also raises the amount of nitrogen and phosphorous in the water, in addition to blocking sunlight. These increase algae blooms and lower the water’s oxygen levels even more.

And if the sediment is too heavy or there is too much of it, it can bury and kill the animals and shellfish living on the bottom of the waterbed. These are the reasons why clean, pure water plays one of the most important parts of our environmental and agricultural ecosystem.

Why Ideal Water Solutions if the Best​

At Ideal Water Solutions in Tampa, Florida, our experienced team of water treatment professionals have investigated, diagnosed, and then installed custom water filtration systems on farms and agricultural sites throughout the Central and Gulf Coast regions of Florida since 1987. That’s almost 40 years of expertise in clean water production.

Not only can we provide you with high-quality water to irrigate your crops, but we can also ensure that the runoff is free from chemicals, waste, and sediment to help keep our Florida lakes, streams, and waterways clean and free of contaminants.

And what about your farm animals? Clean water is essential as drinking water for dairy cattle. On average, dairy cows drink anywhere from three to thirty gallons of water per day. Imagine if all that water is filled with impurities. Imagine if it smells or tastes bad.

The most common water issues for dairy farms include excess nitrates, iron, sulfate, mercury, and chloride. Not only can these contaminants affect the health and well-being of your cattle, but they can also seriously reduce milk production. If the water tastes or smells bad, cows drink less. If cows drink less, it could cause decreased appetite and dehydration, again affecting the quality and amount of output of the milk.

And what about your farm machinery? What does dirty or impure water do to your irrigation pipes and sprinkler heads? To your tractors, harvesters, or sprayers? It can wash away lubricants resulting in increased wear and tear on any moving machine parts. It can cause rust, corrosion, clogs, and pipe scale, all of which can stop your farm equipment from running smoothly, causing high maintenance costs and unexpected and inconvenient downtime.

It can create problems with the operation of machines that need water to keep from overheating. Radiators can rust and pipe scale in irrigation delivery pipes can produce metallic particles that flake off and cause blockages that require expensive maintenance and more downtime. It can also contaminate the final products.

Because we partner with various water filtration equipment manufacturers across the country, we can select just the right filtration system for your farm. Whether it’s straight forward filtration, reverse osmosis, deionization, sterilization, or other all-inclusive methods, we can offer you a suite of services to fill all your clean water needs.

Our water filtration team can walk you through each of our system methods, explain how they work, why they might be necessary, and then recommend which system may be the best for you. And we’ll guarantee a cost-effective price and a timely installation.

Water is a vital component of successful, productive, and profitable farming and agriculture here in Florida. Enough clean, usable, high-quality water enables crops and livestock to thrive. It enables farmers to make a good living. And it keeps our population and our environment safe.

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Clean Water and Greenhouses and Nurseries

Clean, filtered water is a major factor in the successful production of plants, flowers, and other greenhouse or garden nursery plants. It is needed for pesticide application, irrigation and sprinkler systems, cooling from the hot Florida sun, starting seedlings, and clean-up.

Before we select a filtration system for your greenhouse or nursery, we’ll perform a complete water analysis to determine exactly what is in your water. Groundwater may contain fine particles of metal or sand. Suspended solids, which can come from many sources like leaves, soil, weeds, and other organic matter, will need to be removed through filtration.

Irrigation in Field of growing potatoes

According to the Center for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment at the University of Massachusetts Greenhouse Program, “suspended solids need to be removed to prevent clogging of piping, valves, nozzles, and emitters in an irrigation system.”

Our team will determine how to remove these impurities, check your water flow rate, and ensure that your greenhouse or nursery are getting the best water filtration system available on the market today.

What else will we check?

  • Size of the water pipes impacting your flow rate.
  • Length of your hoses.
  • Water storage tank availability for adequate water supply during peak irrigation seasons, especially here in Florida.
  • Controlled and/or automatic watering zones.
  • Anti-drip nozzles for a no-waste system.
  • Control of runoff.

Whether you grow crops of soybeans, corn, or lettuce, herd dairy cattle or other livestock, collect eggs from your chickens, grow oranges and grapefruit, or sunflowers for bouquets. Whether you own a greenhouse or a garden nursery, Ideal Water Solutions can deliver the finest quality water filtration systems on the market today. Give us a call today or contact us and let us give you the best possible water, one drop at a time.