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Water filtration and reverse osmosis systems are essential in breweries to remove sand, dirt, sediment, bacteria, or other impurities.  High-quality, pure, clean water produces high-quality, great-tasting beer.  

While all water has some degree of contaminants, the best way to perfect your brewing process is to have your water professionally filtered.  At Ideal Water Solutions, our filtration systems remove any odor, chlorine, fluorides, or other contaminants that can negatively affect the fermentation process and change the quality and taste of your beer.

Because water is the main component of beer, it’s the most important ingredient your Brewmaster must use to create the highest quality aroma, taste, flavor, and mouthfeel.  

The quality of your water significantly impacts your final product.

Water Treatment Systems Done Right

How Water Quality Impacts Your Beer

Different minerals in water can enhance or hinder specific aspects of the brewing process.  For example, calcium and magnesium in your water can influence yeast activity and bitterness.  On the other hand, alkalinity can help to regulate pH and prevent unwanted bacteria growth.

Filtered water allows Brewmasters to adjust the mineral content to achieve the desired characteristics in their beer styles.

Filtering removes impurities like chlorine and organic matter that can introduce unwanted flavors and odors into the beer.  Filtered water is crucial in the brewing process for several key reasons, which we’ve outlined below.

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  • Taste and Quality – Because beer is made up of approximately 90% water, the quality and purity of the water directly influences the final product. Professional filtering removes unwanted minerals and impurities, allowing brewers to manipulate the water profile in order to achieve specific flavors for each beer style.  Whether you’re creating lager, ale, IPA, craft beer, or any of the over one hundred different styles of beer, clean, pure water is crucial to the process.
  • Enhanced Flavors and ColorsThe mineral content of water can enhance or hinder certain flavors in beer as well. Filtering allows brewers to adjust the mineral profile to accentuate or de-emphasize desired flavors and aromas, like the crisp bitterness of pilsners or the citrus flavors of vibrant lemons, limes, or oranges in other types of beer.  And filtration removes sediment and haze-causing particles, resulting in clearer, more visually appealing beers.
  • Yeast Health – The pH level of water is crucial for optimal yeast activity during fermentation. Professionally filtered water, with a controlled pH, allows for consistent and efficient fermentation, producing cleaner and smoother-tasting beers.  And filtering removes impurities that can hinder the fermentation process, resulting in faster and more efficient brewing times.
  • Consistency – Using filtered water ensures consistency in taste and quality across batches, regardless of any seasonal variations in local water supplies. By removing certain minerals, varied contaminants, or additives, such as fluoride or chlorine, from the composition of your water, filtered water ensures consistent taste and quality.  This is particularly important for commercial breweries where maintaining your brand reputation and customer satisfaction is a crucial part of your brewery’s success.
  • Flexibility – With filtered water, brewers have greater flexibility to experiment with different beer styles and recipes.  By having control over the water’s mineral content and with the ability to adjust the water composition to suit specific needs, Brewmasters can innovate and experiment with new and unique recipes, using different ingredients to add unusual flavors and aromas to the beer.
  • Sanitation – Filtered water reduces the risk of microbial contamination, ensuring sanitary brewing practices and minimizing the potential for spoilage.  In addition, and depending on local or state regulations, breweries may be required to use professionally filtered water to meet Federal or State purity and safety standards for the water used in the beer-making process. Using filtered water helps your brewery comply with these regulations and ensure the safety of your products.
  • Sustainability – As more and more companies become environmentally aware and responsible, they are turning to equipment and systems that help to sustain a green and non-invasive impact on the environment.  Some water filtration systems, like reverse osmosis for example, can recycle water that has already been used in the brewing process. This “RO” process reduces overall water consumption and lessens the negative effect on our environment.

Filtered water plays a critical role in every aspect of beer production, from taste, aroma, clarity, and quality, to efficiency, safety, and sustainability. By investing in a reliable water filtration system, breweries can ensure the consistent production of high-quality beer, enhance their brand reputation, operate efficiently, and maintain and grow their customer base.  Filtered water acts as a blank canvas for brewers, allowing them to craft consistent, high-quality beers with distinct and desirable flavor profiles.

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Water Treatment Solutions for Breweries in Central Florida

When it comes to breweries in Central Florida, clean, pure drinking water is essential.  The correct water processing system removes contaminants, including any chemicals, pesticides, minerals, or other impurities, and it helps to keep your brewery equipment clean and running smoothly.  High-quality water produces better-tasting beer, reduces service calls, and prolongs the life of the equipment used in your brewing process.

At Ideal Water Solutions, we are experts in clean water.  With our high-tech, custom filtration, reverse osmosis, and water softening systems, we can offer your brewery optimal water quality at a reasonable price.  

When it comes to pure water, a one-size-fits-all approach can be deadly.  That’s why we partner with the top brands for water filtration systems in the country so that we can pick and choose the best system for your needs.  We can evaluate your brewery’s current water composition, give you a complete analysis, and then advise you which system will do the best job.  

Give us a call today and let us show you how better water equals better beer.