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What Is The Water Treatment System in School Cafeterias?

Ensuring the health and safety of our school children is just one of the many priorities we have here at Ideal Water Solutions.  All our nation’s children deserve to have access to clean, pure, uncontaminated water while they are getting an education and growing into adulthood.

School cafeterias use water for food preparation, clean up, sterilization, dishwashing, handwashing, and for drinking. In fact, drinking enough clean water daily has been linked to good health and positive cognitive benefits for school children.  Studies have also shown that drinking water during a school day can help to lower the risk of childhood obesity by as much as 30 percent.  

Pouring fresh cold water into a drinking glass

According to a study published by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), their scientists and other environmental specialists have found that there are “serious problems with our country’s outdated and deteriorating water infrastructure and the inadequate implementation of the Safe Drinking Water Act.”  

And while Florida attracts many tourists, retirees, and all types of commercial establishments to provide services, food, and recreation to our state, it ranks among the worst in the nation for our poor-quality tap water.  Obviously, this ranking affects the quality of the water in our homes and schools as well for our full-time residents and their families.

Since children spend most of the hours each day in school, we believe that it is necessary to provide them with access to clean, high-quality water.  By installing a complete water filtration system in your school, you can provide your students, teachers, and staff with a much better quality of filtered particle-free water.  

Water Treatment in School Cafeterias

Filtrated water not only tastes and smells better, but it also helps in eliminating minute particles, bacteria, or other harmful contaminates that may be contained in your water and harmful to the health of your school’s students and staff.

In addition, by offering access to better quality water, you can reduce the hazardous impact of using plastic water bottles brought into school by students or teachers or offered in school vending machines.  This has the potential benefit of reducing your school’s carbon footprint and helping our environment.

Water quality is affected by many contributing factors across the country, such as the geographical location of your school buildings, the type and condition of the pipes used to distribute your water, the city or state water plant’s treatment processes, the use of fertilizer and its run-off near the water source, the presence of bacteria or other impurities, and more.

Water filled with impurities can cause scaling in your water pipes, which then transfers to the drinking water.  It can also shorten the life of your pipes, cafeteria equipment, faucets, and drinking fountains.  So, by installing a complete water filtration system in your school cafeteria you will not only improve the taste, purity, and quality of your water, but you will also maintain your pipes and equipment for a longer period of time, saving you money in the long run.

Water Treatment Systems Done Right

School Cafeteria Water Treatments

At Ideal Water Solutions, we offer your school, college, or university cafeteria the choice of several different types of water filtration systems.  And because we partner with various water filtration equipment manufacturers across the country, we can select just the right filtration system for your school cafeteria.  

Whether it’s straight forward filtration, reverse osmosis, deionization, sterilization, or other all-inclusive methods, we can offer you a suite of services to choose from that will fill all your clean water needs.   

Our water filtration team can walk you through each of our system methods, explain how they work, why they might be necessary, and then recommend which system may be the best for your school cafeteria.  And we’ll guarantee a cost-effective price and a timely installation. 

Here are just some of the water systems we can help you improve upon:

  • Coffee, tea, or hot water
    • We remove all kinds of organic matter and excess chlorine that can change the taste of these drinks. We will also remove the scale that builds up over years of use so that your beverages are free from contaminants and taste and smell better.
  • Drinking fountains and water taps
    • We will remove any particulates that might be clogging this equipment, and we will reduce bacteria, remove excess chlorine, and provide your students and staff with high-quality, good smelling, and great tasting filtered water.
  • Equipment and machinery 
    • Filtered water can prolong the lifespan of all your cafeteria equipment and machinery.  From dishwashers to faucets, from garbage disposals to ice makers, from hot water heaters to commercial refrigerators, clean water can reduce the impurities that can cause corrosion, rust, scaling, and ultimately, save you money in repairs or maintenance.

And of course, from beginning to end, pure clean water is a necessity when it comes to food.  Water is a major part of all the food produced in the world. From the initial planting of seedlings at the farms and agricultural centers, through all the stages in the food growing, harvesting, washing, and shipping chain, and finally, to consumption in our homes, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and other establishments.

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Water Treatment Processes

Water touches food directly and indirectly throughout the entire food chain, making it essential that the water is pure and clean.   Water must be used to: 

  1. Irrigate crops.
  2. Clean harvesting machinery and other farm and production equipment.
  3. Wash the trucks that deliver the food to grocery stores and distributions centers.
  4. Clean and sanitize kitchens and food preparation areas.
  5. Wash fresh fruits and vegetables.
  6. Wash and sterilize dishes and utensils.
  7. Clean general surfaces.
  8. Use in sinks, dishwashers, and handwashing stations.


And, as a processing aid, water is used for conveying, rinsing, heating, cooling, boiling, watering, dissolving, dispersing, diluting, separating, steaming, and other activities that all must be completed before the food reaches the table and is ready to eat. In every instance, the high-quality and unadulterated purity of the water will affect the performance of the growing, cultivating, harvesting, delivery, and the quality, taste, and nutritious value of the food we consume.

At Ideal Water Solutions, we are committed to bringing fresh, clean water into school cafeterias.  We believe that it is a vital part in determining and maintaining the health and well-being of our children.  From daycare to grammar school, from middle school to college, clean water is not only important, but it should also be a right for every child.  That’s why we offer the very best in water treatment processes and systems, so that we can deliver high-quality water to your school.

Our professional, experienced team can help identify and evaluate any issues you may have with your current water system and then offer you a cost-effective, concise, and reliable proposal to address, repair, or replace your current filtration system in a timely manner.  After all, the kids depend on us to do our job and do it well.

Give us a call today to get the facts about how we are uniquely qualified to provide your school, college, trade-school, or university cafeteria with perfectly pure water one drop at a time.